Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas morning video

Our video camera broke a few weeks ago.. right in time for Addison's first Christmas.. So this is from our camera. Sorry for the quality!!

Christmas Festivities

We hope everyone had a great Christmas!! We had an amazing Christmas.. It's so fun to have a child and experience Christmas in a whole different way. Even though she is still too young to realize who santa is it was still so much fun having her to open her presents.

We started off Christms Eve with the Tolman tradition.. "John's Incredible Pizza". Addison LOVED the carousel and the little frog ride. She also loved walking around everywhere trying to keep up with her cousins.
The Nelson family.. thanks to my husband for covering up my face.. :) After pizza we all headed to my sister Alisha's to open presents and have yummy food of course!

Of course the best part of the night and by far the best present any of us could have received was being able to skype with my little brother Jordan. He is in Africa serving a mission and it was so good to see him. He has never seen Addison so it was fun to let him see her and have her see him. She just sat there but at least they got to see each other!

All of the Tolman girl grandchildren. Andrea, April, Alyssa, Addison and Karsyn

Grandma with her two of her princesses.. in the jammies she bought them.

Christmas morning Addison woke up around 8:30 which was a nice present itself!! We took her downstairs and let her see what santa brought and open her presents. She was as excited as a 10 month old can be.. but she still loved playing with all her toys.

The leap frog activity table santa brought

The best gift we have received this year is our little Addison. She is so much fun and I love seeing her little personality grow each day. I am so grateful for all the blessings in my life but most of all for my family. It's so fun to be a mom and I look forward to doing it again in a few weeks. Baby boy Nelson "Austin" is scheduled to arrive Feb. 22nd or 23rd as far as we know. I will try to keep this updated as it gets closer! Happy New Year everyone!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December update

December has been busy so far but I always love this time of year so I don't mind! We are enjoying our little girls budding personality. She is so much fun! She loves to walk everywhere now. I can't believe how quick she is getting. I take my eye off of her for one second and she is gone!

The other night after dinner I took her shirt off and was cleaning her high chair and when I went to look for her this is what I found. She was just laying there on the stairs. It was too funny! She loves to go up the stairs but is not sure how to get down. So that is how we spend most of our time, chasing her up the stairs and helping her back down.
Here is a picture of her walking. She is into everything but thats ok. She has done pretty well with the Christmas tree and presents. Only touched a few times... maybe she learned!

Here is my ever growing baby boy belly. I have about 10 weeks left. My dr. says I will have to have another c-section since it's only been a year since Addison was born. So it is looking like Feb. 22 or 23rd will be the big day. I'm kind of glad I know exactly when he is coming so I can plan a little better and make sure Addison has somewhere to go. I am feeling pretty good except for heartburn and back aches.

Daddy and Addison after we made our gingerbread houses at grandma and grandpa Tolman's. Addison was not interested in making the gingerbread house. She was more interested in chasing her cousins all over the house. They sure wore her out! She's not used to all those boys yet!

Here is our finished gingerbread house. We had such a fun time making them with our family.

Here she is again getting into stuff. I still love her though and those cute little chubby cheeks!!
We hope everyone has a joyous Christmas season. We are very excited to be sharing this first Christmas with Addison and I am even more excited that we get to talk to Jordan via Skype. He has never seen Addison so that will be so fun. I'm hoping she will say hi or talk to him.