Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beach video

Here is the video from Santa Cruz. Sorry for the poor quality. It was taken from our regular camera.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Saturday Matt and I took the kids to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. We had such a fun time and the kids did great on the 3 hour drive. When we first got there it was a little cold but it warmed up and ended up being a beautiful day. Addison rode on a few of the token rides.. she was a little too small for the bigger rides on the boardwalk. We had garlic fries and cheesecake bites.. YUMMY!! And then we took the kids to the beach. Addison LOVES sand so she had a great time. I had so much fun getting the sand out of every little crease and crevice of her little body!! :) And she loved the waves. She got pretty brave and fell a few times. I will post the video of her playing and falling.. it's pretty cute and funny! Sunday the kids and I headed down to stay at my mom and dad's for labor day. Matt had to work Monday and then he rafted down the river with my boss. We had a great time at grandma and papa's and Addison came home with some mosquito bites to prove it! Addison and her cousin Karsyn. Karsyn loves to help with Addison and I love it too!
Austin fell asleep swinging at grandma and papa's.

Grandma always takes such good care of us when we stay!

Cute little man!!

Addison and her cousin Brady. They were playing football and Addison fell in the mud so Brady was nice enough to let her borrow some clothes while we washed hers!!

Daddy buried Addison in the sand..

Playing in the waves.. the water was so freezing. But she didn't care..

Such a sweet picture.. Daddy and Addison

Austin hanging out in the stroller checking out all the action.

Daddy and Addison playing games on the Boardwalk.

I sure do love this girl!!

Addison riding the helicopter.