Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers day & famiy pictures

Happy fathers day! I have an amazing father who I look up to so much. He is caring, loving, smart, funny and most of all such an amazing example of what I want to be someday. Every time Matt or I have a question about church stuff we always call my dad.. he knows everything!! :) I love you dad! And I also have been very blessed with a husband who LOVES his children and is so good with them. Addison absolutely adores playing with daddy! I love you Matt! Happy fathers day to my dad and my husband!!
Here are some new family pictures we took last week! Addison was not cooperating very well so we didn't get a very good family picture but oh well. Enjoy!

Nelson Family June 2010

Addison Ann 16 mos.

Austin Matthew 4 mos.