Sunday, November 29, 2009


We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We sure did! We spent the day at my parents house. Dinner was delicious like always. We are very thankful for our our blessings. We are thankful for our family and friends. We are thankful for our beautiful little girl and our soon to be baby boy. We are thankful for the gospel and for what it brings into our lives daily.
Here is an example of the turkey cupcakes we made. They turned out pretty cute!!

This was Addison's first Thanksgiving. And she LOVED the food. Of course what's not to love?? She must take after me, thanksgiving is my favorite!! :)

Here she is modeling her "I'm Stuffed!" bib. I thought this was too cute to pass up!

I came down from taking a shower Saturday morning and this is what I found! Guess the holiday weekend wore out my two sweethearts!! Addison and I stayed the night Thanksgiving so I could get up at 3 AM with my mom and sisters to go shopping on Black Friday!! I got some great deals! Saturday was my 27th birthday and matt made me a pink cake, bought me new shoes and took me to Outback for dinner!! It was great! And Addison gave me the best present of all.. she slept in until 8:30 Am!! I was very happy. She has been doing great sleeping lately which is definitely helping me feel better. She has also been walking!! I have to take some pictures and post them of that soon. She also LOVES to dance. Her favorite song is the Black Eyed Peas "I gotta feeling". She gets so happy and dances away to that song. I want to post some videos on here but not sure how.. any one have any suggestions??

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkin carving at grandma and grandpa's.

Last weekend we went to my parents for the annual pumpkin carving festivities. We had a great time and got to stay extra long for my grandma's funeral. I forgot my camera at the funeral so there are no pictures from that. It was a beautiful service and everyone who spoke did a wonderful job! I'm sure grandma loved it!!

Matt doing the dirty work.. actually all the work.

This is what Addison and I did while daddy did all the work!!

Tanner helping Uncle Matt with his pumpkin seeds. That was his favorite part! Tanner and Uncle Matt... silly boys!
Aly holding Addison with their pumpkins in front

All the grandchildren that carved pumpkins. Brenden, Tyler, Jaxson, Max, Brady, Benson, Tanner, Aly and Addison all showing off their pumpkins.

The Nelson family...don't ask me how my mom's car ended up as our background for these pictures?!?!

Addison showing off her pumpkin daddy carved.

Daddy and Addison.

The finished product. It's the headless horseman. Turned out great!! Too bad the pumpkin went bad within the first 2 days we brought it home!!


We had a great Halloween. Friday night we went to our ward trunk or treat and chilli cook off. My parents were nice enough to drive down to see their granddaughter on her first Halloween. We had a great time! On Saturday we went to our old ward for another trunk or treat and chilli cook off. Then we stopped by Matt's dads house and to some friends for the rest of the night. Addison was not so sure about all the festivities and about her costume but she did great and even kept her antennas on all night!
Grandpa Nelson and miss Addison ladybuyg

Nelson Family.. can you tell I'm dressed as a pregnant lady?!?!

Addison with her cousin Jacob. This is Matt's sisters son.

Grandma and Grandmpa Tolman with their favorite ladybug.

Daddy and Addison being goofy.

Happy Halloween everyone!!

This is how Addison looked by the end of the night. I didn't want to wake her up so I ended up leaving her in her carseat and she slept like that for about 5 hours!!