Wednesday, July 7, 2010

June and July

Summer has been fun so far. We have been as busy as ever with normal every day life. 4th of July was very fun. We spent it with friends eating good food and watching fireworks. Addison kept telling me, "watch!" It was cute. Austin slept through the fireworks since it was past his bedtime.
Checking out the fireworks with mom. She didn't like the loud ones.

not a very good picture but here is one of her p0inting and telling me to "watch!"

The Nelson family

Our little man sporting the cow hat..
One night after we had corn on the cob for dinner I found Addison with one of our old cobs in her mouth eating what was left.. she had gotten it out of the garbage. GROSS! So this time I let her have one of her own before we threw it away to chew on.
Daddy and Austin sporting the shades

Eating rice cereal for the first time. He did ok except for being impatient. He was too hungry!

Here is Addison playing at a cute little water park near our house. She LOVES the water.
Austin checking out his crazy sister. He now weighs 15 lbs and is 26 inches long. Addison has a dr. appt next month so I'm not sure about her

Addison was not afraid at all of the water shooting up. She got out there with the bigger kids and ran right through all the water.