Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Dorothy and the cowardly lion
Austin, the cowardly lion

Miss Dorothy (Addison) would not pause to take a picture. She was too busy playing Wii with her cousins.

We had a very busy Halloween weekend. We headed down to my parents on Saturday for my nephew Tanner's baptism followed by family pictures with all 32 of us! (yes 32!) Then we went to Trunk or Treat with all the Tolman cousins. Addison had a great time. She kept trying to get the candy as soon as it would hit her bucket. On Sunday my little brother gave his missionary report at church and then after church we had a carnvial for the kids. It turned out so fun. We had bobbing for apples and donuts, balloon darts and balloon toss, the fishing game, face painting, fish ping pong, and a pinata. The kids had so much fun and it was fun to watch them! We had such a fun time with our family.

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Cassy said...

They are so cute!